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Ester Twyman(non-registered)
Love the pictures setting captures are great!!! Beautiful! !!!!
Beverly Bosan(non-registered)
The pictures are all so beautiful and it was a great idea to capture on film one of the most memorable moments in your life... Amazing.
Tonji Sookram(non-registered)
I really enjoyed viewing these precious pics.Gary and I had too many favorites,lol.It looked like you had fun doing the photo shoot too.Looking forward to seeing Armani's debut pics.Love to you all,Muahh!!!
thanku so much mommie!!! I had a blast doing what I love to do best! I must say Matt Yarbrough is the best! couldn't have asked for better pictures! thankyou to everyone VIEWING my pics. I hope you enjoy

kiyla <3
mom, mommie, #1... "GG"(non-registered)
To my first born, Shakiyla... These are simply beautiful!! Classy!! I love you and my lil granman Armani J'Lyn!!
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